Our cool rooms are constructed to Australian Standards, meeting all Building Codes of Australia (BCA) requirements along with state and local health codes. New or renovating premises using either your engineering plans or CAD drawings, or coming to your site to physically look over and measure out the job, we can help you to make your freezer room or cool room design, the best choice for your building structure, refrigeration & application requirements.

From here, we will manufacture your customised fit-out. Using the latest technology and structural materials, we create a cool or freezer room which will be the most space-effective and work with your needs. Whether your business is to manufacture cakes, store wine, freeze and manufacture meat products, keep cut flowers, or you are maintaining a pathology lab.

You can be confident that your cool room complies with all the codes and standards and your refrigeration equipment and rooms will be controlled rooms to maintain a given temperature below ambient depending on your products the application is built for.

All freezer & cool rooms can be either made of glass, solid panel doors or even auto-opening doors on cool rooms.

Fruit Shops cool room

With the special requirements of a fruit shop cool room, All Type Refrigeration understands the required environment regarding temperature and humidity for a fruit shop.


Bottle & Liquor shops cool room

We design and manufacture amazing finished products including walking into cool rooms which can auto open and auto-closing glass doors. Also, we can offer efficient good-looking high-quality bottle cabinets or insert glass doors built into the cool rooms.


Industrial refrigeration, freezer and cool room

All Type Refrigeration can offer a complete food manufacturing factory including all panelling works, highly efficient refrigeration equipment to designing the whole project with all the after-sales service and maintenance backed up. Also, we offer a logging and monitoring system should any issues come up and to keep within Food Authority Guidelines to handling and keeping a log of all temperatures.


Laboratory – Hospitals cool room and freezer rooms

All Type Refrigeration understands what’s required for the Laboratory applications with purpose-built rooms including the refrigeration equipment with added security for a logging and monitoring system should any issues come up and also for logging records of all temperatures.

Some of our projects regarding this particular service