April 19, 2018

Monitoring and Logging of all Refrigeration Equipment

All Type Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring provide a range of monitoring solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Wireless monitoring systems which allow for a semi permanent installation of data loggers to continuously monitor and record the temperature conditions in your storage / processing facility. High Temp Alarms and alerts can be configured to be sent instantaneously by email and temperature conditions which can be viewed and notified in near real time through the freely available mobile app.

They also keep monitoring conditions during power off conditions to keep monitoring your products. All Graphs can be printed or downloaded for all your HACCP requirements.

The wireless thermocouple logger allows you to connect one thermocouple probe to monitor external (product) temperature conditions. You can connect any k-type thermocouple available on the market with the yellow plug (indicates it is k-type) Omega type connector. Our all-stainless steel probe (range is -270 to 1372 degrees celsius) can be purchased together and passed through the cable gland without disassembly. Once probe has been correctly installed through the gland, the logger and probe combination is completely waterproof, rated to IP68. Depending on the type of thermocouple connected, this logger is perfect for monitoring and logging temperature of dishwashers, ovens, cool rooms & freezer rooms, extreme low temperature freezers, etc.